Monica, who lead the team this year reports, “The Community Thanksgiving Dinner on Nov. 17th was an incredible experience. It was wonderful to have our church family work together to make it a successful event for all who attended. We served at least 325 dinners, including the to-go boxes that were filled in the kitchen.

Some of the notable feedback:  We had reserved seating at the outer ends of the tables for people with disabilities, or who needed assistance with walking, etc. This was greatly appreciated by several community members and encouraged to become part of the regular set-up.

We had a moment of silence to consider the families whose lives were forever changed by the recent wildfires, flooding, and shooting sprees, and other tragedies. Afterwards, EVERYONE joined in reciting The Lord’s Prayer before we started serving. It was amazing to me; I only hope is that it was pleasing to our Heavenly Father.   Thanks to her and the entire team, everyone who help.”

Thanks to all of you who helped in so many ways to reach out to our LDP community.



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