Pastor Hans Frei

Pastor Hans Frei

TH.G.; B.A., Pastoral Studies, Theology; Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College, San Dimas, Ca. 1982
Golden Gate Theological Seminary, Mill Valley CA
M.A.; Counseling; Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA 1992
M.A.R. candidate; Biblical Studies; Liberty Seminary, Lynchburg VA

Born to Helmut and Margarete Frei in Spaichingen Germany on May 16, 1960
Raised in Heiningen, Germany along with 4 brothers
Foreign Exchange student to U.S.A. as a high school student attended Mariposa High School 1976-1977. Met Susie during that year, we were both attending Greeley Hill Bible Church.

Married Susie Mecredy, June 21, 1980, (God smiled on me that day). We graduated from college together in 1982.

Children: 1982, Hans William Frei; 1984; Betsie Ann Frei; 1988 Emily Margarete Frei; 1994, Andrea Jean Frei. Bonus sons: AJ Lamas, who joined the family off on and on and for the last two years of High School 1999-2000, Shaheed J. H. Williams, who joined the family Sept.2002. Bonus daughter: Sara Jean Mecredy, niece, who joined us Sept. 2006.

I received Jesus Christ as my Savior at the end of my exchange student year. I finally understood the Gospel and realized that when God is the standard for holiness and righteousness I fall woefully short, am indicted as a sinner, and in danger of the judgment of God. I clearly remember thinking that if I make a faith commitment to Jesus Christ that it meant change and was for life. It is hands down the best decision of my life.

My spiritual passion is to know Christ, to teach and preach God’s Word (the Bible), to see others grow in Christ, and my family.

I committed myself to a life of ministry one morning while I was waiting for Susie. We were both in college and we were dating and were in the habit of praying together early (5:30) in the morning at the campus chapel. For some reason Susie was late, so sitting there in a pew I started praying, as I did I clearly heard a voice saying, “I need men who preach and teach my word, will you give yourself to me for that?” Up to that point my pursuit was to study psychology. My response was, “Lord, I do you whatever You want me to do. Yes, I give myself to you to preach and teach your Word.”

I became the interim pastor of the Lake Don Pedro Baptist Church the second Sunday of August 1984 to fill in for the founding Pastor, Lowell Barnes, who had terminal cancer. On February 6th, 1985 the church ordained me to the Gospel Ministry, and I have been here ever since.

I love sports, played basketball, soccer, ping pong, track, and golf, coached basketball and soccer. I love to cut wood, tinker, work around the house, go camping, and mess around with cars. Most of all I love to chase Susie.

Abilities/skills that help in being a country pastor: wood cutter, coach, substitute teacher, handi-man, garbage hauler, rattle snake killer, skunk/bob-cat/ bat hunter, weed control expert, plumber, errand runner, chauffer, bbq cook, landscaper, financial budgeter, general maintenance, back yard mechanic, and simply loving to help and serve people.