Don Pedro Baptist Church
Missions Team

Mitch Miller

Mitch Miller



“To share the gospel with the lost in Don Pedro and to support the development and growth of our sister churches in Tanzania.”



Our relationship with the churches in the Arusha area of Tanzania goes back several years. It has developed into a partnership in ministry between the Lake Don Pedro Baptist Church and the Baptist community in Tanzania. We have now made several trips there and each time we go there are new challenges to face but always that comes with great blessings as well. The team teaches and preaches; they witness and share the love of Christ where ever the opportunity is presented. The days can be long and cover many rough miles. Pastor’s libraries are presented to local pastors. Bibles are distributed in their own language. On the last trip the Jesus film was shown in a number of villages using the portable equipment we provided and many decisions were made to follow Christ.


  • Church-to-church Partnership
  • Training to Share the Gospel


In early September an advance team of five will travel to Indonesia to evaluate how we might best serve there in the future. Payton and Grace are continuing with their training and we hope to see how we can support them on the ground as they work to minister in this Muslim country. We will be leaving a battery operated, solar powered, video projection system, as a ministry tool for them. The funding for this was provided by the generous giving of the church family here. While on this mission we will continue to seek God’s guidance on our roll in Tanzania.

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