Services Suspended

All Services are suspended for the next 2 weeks.  Click on Continue Reading below to see the latest update from Pastor Hans.                                 

Greetings in Christ, Lake Don Pedro Baptist Church Family,

The falling rain the past few days reminded me of God’s blessing, God’s provision. Just last week we were desperate for rain. I am also reminded that God knows what we need before we ask and at the same time invites us to ask. We have all been asking, not just for rain, but for help and wisdom with the Corona Virus Pandemic.

As I told you last week, we will comply with our health officials on the state and county levels. Our governor issued an order for everyone over 65 to remain at home. Tuolumne County has closed the schools. The national guidelines call for no group gatherings larger than ten people. Thus we are suspending church services on both Wednesdays and on the weekends for the next two weekends. Beyond those two weeks, we will make decisions based on updated information and official guidelines.

Suspending services on the church campus does not suspend us being the church. We are the church whether or not we are gathered or scattered. It does mean we will have to figure some things out, and your input and participation are greatly appreciated.

You communicating with each other, your small group, and ministry you are a part of is very important and will help, so please call, text, tweet, Facebook, etc. to convey information in this email and whatever else we decide to do.

I will be at the church during service times in case people in the community show up, which happened this past Sunday, but we will not gather for worship or other activities. I will connect with Troy to see if we can figure out a life-stream on Sunday morning so we can all tune into.

Our Food Basket, which might be more needed than ever, will continue to function, albeit not as usual. We had food distribution today and David Redd and the Food Basket Team did an outstanding job making changes, serving people. Also, a big thank you to Bill Mitchell who showed up in his SCOPE capacity and took care of the car logistics and provide a Sheriff’s department presence.

The deacons will drive around to collect your tithes and offerings – just kidding. Simply use the good old mail for your tithes and offerings. 

There is much more to be organized and handled, but this will do for now. As we stitch other things together let’s keep each other in the loop. The most important thing is that we will take care of each other and the people in our community.

Some of you are more at risk then others, if you are over 65, if you have respiratory issues, immune deficiencies, other health complications, please stay at home. If you need things picked up from town, like prescriptions, food, etc. please call or email the church (209 852-2029, LDPBaptist, contact me personally (209 247-9235, 209 852-2040,, contact your Deacons (852-9073, 852-9117, 852-2020, 765-6914), or your small group leader. We will figure out how to help you. The same goes for any of your neighbors who are high risk. As crazy and upside down as all of this is, we do know how to love each other, pray for each other, and help each other.

To God be all glory. Love you, your Pastor, Deacons, and Church Leadership

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