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Adult Bible Study & Small Groups

Jesus calls everyone to follow him and be his disciple, that’s what Christians are – disciples of Jesus. Guess what he did with his first followers in order to train them to be his disciples? He formed a small group and taught and trained them for the next three years.

Before Jesus returned to his father he told his disciples to go and make more disciples (Matthew 28:18-20) and they went out and did just that. Guess what they did? They went out and proclaimed Jesus as the risen Son of God and the Savior for all people, and those who responded and believed taught and trained like Jesus taught and trained them. That is why we believe everyone should be part of a small disciple making group where you can learn what Jesus and the Word of God says, where you can observe in others what that looks like, where you can ask questions, where you can be honest, where you can feel loved, and where you can grow into a mature disciple.

We believe it is essential for everyone to be part of a small group in order to grow and be spiritually healthy. There are a number of groups that meet throughout the week and the way to get started is to simply show up. Currently groups meet:

SUNDAY 9:00 AM – Six different groups meet. (There are Sunday School classes for children and youth, as well as nursery for infants at the same time.)

WEDNESDAY 7:00 PM – Bible Study for both men and women. (There are also groups for youth and children.)

For more information and questions you may call or email the church office.Hope to see you in one of our small groups, Pastor Hans

Small Group Leaders

Just a reminder! If you’re not part of a small group we would encourage you to consider it now. This is a great time to join.  In-depth study of God’s word, great fellowship, and sharing burdens is all part of the experience. Try a couple out until you find one just right for you. Here are our small group leaders.