Greetings in Christ, Lake Don Pedro Baptist Church Family – aka – My Favorites,
Yes! We are back to holding church services, small groups, and Bible studies. We are still wearing masks (covering nose and mouth), take everyone’s temperature, keep our distance, etc. If you have any symptoms, even mild ones, please stay home (A preacher hates to say that). If you test positive please let us know, so we as a church can take the appropriate steps. Please encourage each other to be vigilant.
This is the first time since the beginning of COVID we had known positives among us. In all, five tested positive, but not all had attended the week prior. At this point, we have allowed for the appropriate timeframes for quarantining and isolating. Thank you all for working together, for caring about each other, and for having a flexible spirit and attitude.
I am continuing to preach on marriage & peacemaking. Autumn Garcia will be baptized Sunday.
Please spread the word that we are back to our regular (COVID regular) schedule. Look out for each other, and engage with your neighbors, share the Gospel, invite, and be all-around blessings to others.
You are a blessing to me, your grateful Pastor

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